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Behind the enigmatic name Sonata Mysteria hides the opulent live Show of a distinctive melange of classic and modern sounds, which even touches the most demanding audience.

Nestled in a pompous stage design the two talendet musicians presenten a live Show, which you have never seen in such a conciseness way. Masterpieces of music history are revived in
a contemporary way.

The artists behind the full traditional sounds of Bach and other classical composers remain hidden until the end, because the protagonists of this extravagant venture prefer their anonymity behind a graceful mask so that the event becomes a unique mystical character.

Dj Freeze looks back on 16 years of sweaty passion on the turntables. In 2009 he made his breakthrough with the project „Musical Healing – The Live Violin and Dj Show“. They also made it into the the finals of the Pro7 talent search show „Germany´s next Show Stars“.

After several successful years-winning show home and abroad, he creates in collaboration with a world-class violinist his new project Sonata Mysteria.

The breathtaking duo reveal a magnificent masterpiece of musical art that visually shows a nostalgic reminiscence of the splendor of old centuries.

Wrapped in a surreal game of classical music, which always tender melodies of modern
sounds , the two guys enchant body and soul.

The uniqueness of this inspiring musical drama is exhausted by the tonal fusion fantasies and the mysterious aura that his live event surrounds.

Impressively, timeless and modern, this fantastic show-highlight is a special
one, which is covered for large events.

The contigent of the Sonata Mysteria transforms any event into an unbelieveable experience.











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